We review all types of business agreements and personal documents that can have a major impact on your life, including but not limited to NDAs,
employment agreements, contracts, leases, and letters and documents received from government agencies. During our initial phone consultation, we will answer all your questions and at the end of the consultation we will point out our concerns and recommend your next course of action, including what we would charge if you were to use our services.

We prepare all types of legal agreements from the simple to the complex that best meet your needs. Our services include recommending changes in terms or language, negotiating with the other party or their attorney, making revisions until your agreement has been finalized and ready to sign.

Flat Fee Business Entities Formation

We can form your corporation or limited liability company (i.e., LLC) to protect you and your personal assets from unlimited liability. While you can get your company formed cheaper using another service, you still have to do most of the work yourself. Not completing the necessary forms in the required manner may defeat the purpose and protection of your business formation. Each state has its own requirements and they are not the same. Our corporate kit includes preparing all the legal forms necessary for you to open up for business and explains what you need to do to maintain the separation of your business from your personal assets.

Ask Your Business Attorney Services

As an entrepreneur and business owner there are times you wished you could ask an attorney a simple question that doesn’t take a lot of time, but were afraid to ask because of the time to schedule an appointment and the cost. We have a subscription program where, for a flat monthly fee, you can ask your attorney anything you want up to the…

Customized Legal Services

Customized Business Agreements and Legal Services – There are occasions where the transaction or situation is complex and requires more time and effort to resolve. In those situations, we charge an hourly rate.

To learn more about this service, please contact us by telephone at (510) 735.8889 or complete the “Request Consultation” form.